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Welcome to Eureka Reiki

Hi I would like to wish you a warm welcome to Eureka Reiki.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher based in Boughton Aluph near Ashford in Kent.

At Eureka Reiki my aim is to help you feel relaxed, comfortable, at ease and help you feel the benefits from receiving the positive energy that comes from the universe.

Reiki is passion of mine and I have been fortunate to assist clients with the relief of various physical health conditions, the ability to handle mental and personal issues better and help them feel more grounded and balanced in their day to day lives.

All enquiries are warmly welcome, so whether you have a general question about my services or would like to book an appointment please click on the Get in Touch button where you can either email or call me or you can send a message direct to my Facebook page.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is one of the oldest and most effective forms of spiritual healing, originating from Japan in the 1800’s.

This practice involved the laying of hands (non-intrusively) on or slightly above the body so that energy can flow through the practitioner and to another person.

It is this flow of energy that facilitates the body’s incredible ability to heal itself.


How Can Reiki Help me?

Using Reiki to bring back into balance the body’s natural energy centres, more commonly known as the Chakras can assist in relieving or reducing the symptoms of many common ailments.

Reiki is also widely recognised as a complimentary therapy for it’s benefits in managing mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Recovery from surgery or injury can be supported by receiving Reiki.

Some other conditions can be relieved by the use of Reiki which include-

Fatigue and low energy levels
Back Pain
and many more..

Please contact to discuss how Reiki can help a condition or ailment you suffer from.

Expert Practioners

Our Team

Samantha Crane

Samantha Crane

Reiki Master Teacher & Crystal Healing Therapist

My Reiki journey began back in 2008 when I was trained by my Reiki Master Teacher Diane Burston in Gloucester.

Diane gave me the knowledge and encouragement to be able to deliver powerful and positive healing energy to others and over the years I have grown my business with confidence and my experiences of helping my clients .

I returned to Gloucester in 2018 where Diane attuned me to Master Practitioner level and the experiences I have encountered have helped me move forward with confidence.

I am now a qualified Reiki Master Teacher and with the continued support from my Reiki Teaching mentor Jill Fell, I am excited to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience to my Students and support them on their Reiki journey.

In 2018 I qualified as a Crystal Healing Therapist. Since I was a child I have had a fascination with crystals and the properties they have. The power of the crystals are fantastic and I highly recommend trying the treatment.

A proud member of theUK Reiki Federation Logo


What People Are Saying

“I was extremely impressed with Samantha’s knowledge and expertise. I have already booked my next appointment.”
Kathleen MacLennan

“Amazing ! Never had Reiki before but Sam was very informative and relaxing. Highly recommend xx”
R. Newton

“Fantastic service. Feel so good after an appointment. I’m so much more relaxed”

L. Andrews

First experience at having Reiki done.
Sam was very professional and took the time to explain everything in depth with me.
Would highly recommend.

“This was my first experience of Reiki. Sam explained everything before starting.

The energy was amazing and I came away feeling relaxed and uplifted. I would highly recommend Sam”

M. Holvec

“If you don’t believe in the power of the energy within and around us I’d still recommend this – at the very least you get time to relax in a calm and tranquil environment.
I am firmly in the believer camp. Having never had a full reiki session before I had no idea what to expect, Sam put me at ease straight away and the process of Covid security and the safety steps in place had been explained prior to my arrival. Everything that would happen was fully explained beforehand so no surprises.
I was left feeling tingly all over and calmer than I’ve been in a while. My next session is already booked. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

“I had a brilliant and very powerful Reiki session which really put me right. Thank you Sam”

K. WIllow

Had a great Reiki experience with Sam she is very talented and am looking forward to the next session. Relaxing and conformable environment making you feel at ease and at home. Thank you it was much needed xx


Reiki Sessions

​What Happens in a Reiki Session?

During the Reiki session the practitioner places his or her hands very lightly on the body in a variety of positions. Working intuitively the healer trusts the communication between the patient and the healer’s hands to find the blockages. The patient is normally lying down and always remains fully clothed throughout the session as Reiki is so powerful that it will even reach the body through a plaster cast.

How does Reiki Feel?

Everyone experiences Reiki differently. Some feel a slight tingling or sensations of warmth, others just a deep relaxation. Some find themselves in a deep meditative state whilst others feel rejuvenated and energised. Some even fall into a deep and refreshing sleep.

Is Reiki suitable for everyone?

Reiki is always totally safe and appropriate making it suitable for everyone – children and adults. It benefits people in wonderful and extraordinary ways. It is also highly effective for animals.

Distant Reiki

For those who are unable to meet with me, I offer a distant healing service.

Distant healing is as effective as a hands on session. In fact sometimes the sensations can be even more intense.

They are also extremely useful for those occasions that mean you can’t leave home due to a cold, back pain or simply because you can’t travel.

Distant healing sessions are also a beautiful gift to give to someone who is abroad and feeling stressed or out of sorts.

All you need to do is lie down and relax to let the energy flow. If you like you can play music, burn incense or candles…whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Afterwards it is sensible to rest for a little while so that you gain the most from the healing session.​


Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal healing therapy is an alternative healing technique in which crystals are used to help soothe ailments and protect against stress.

Crystals allow positive healing energy to flow into the body and in turn negative energy to flow out.

Each Crystal has its own unique benefit which can be specifically used to help mind, body and spirit. It works alongside other treatments or as a stand-alone therapy.

What to expect during a session?

Similar to how I carry out my Reiki sessions I would ask the client to lie down and I would then begin the session by placing crystals near or over each of the chakras and around the head and feet.

Each crystal would be symbolic with the colour of the chakra and by being placed in these areas they can enable the energy to travel to where it needs to go and remove the negative energy which is causing the chakras to be blocked.

The benefits of Crystal Healing Therapy?

The benefits of crystal healing are varied and take place on all Physical, Emotional and Spiritual levels

Physical Benefits include- Ease of headaches, relief of physical pain, relaxation of tense muscles and painful joints and encourages the body to relax which enables a better night’s sleep.

Emotional and spiritual Benefits include- The aid of general well-being, treating stress, anxiety and depression. Boosting self-esteem and confidence, encourages clarity and inspires a sense of peace and centredness.


Because we want you to feel the benefits of a full Reiki session and not have to spend time beforehand filling out forms we like to carry out a brief telephone consultation prior to your appointment.

The questions we ask are to establish what we need to focus on with your Reiki treatment and we will cover your medical background, current treatments you may be receiving and any concerns you may have.

(All information obtained will be kept completely confidential under the new data protection laws)

  • Introductory Session £20 up to 1 hour
  • Reiki Sessions £30 up to 1 hour
  • Reiki Taster Sessions- £15-Session duration 30 minutes-The taster sessions are perfect for children.
  • ​​Distance Reiki £15 for 30 minutes
  • Crystal Healing £30
  • Block Booking Sessions-Book 6 appointments and receive a 10% discount.​​

Contact Eureka Reiki

My treatment room has a lovely relaxed atmosphere with calming music, and smells which will enhance your Reiki experience, making you feel totally at ease. 


If you prefer I can visit you in the comfort of your own home or arrange a Distance Healing session.


To learn more about Reiki and Crystal Healing, or to book an appointment, please call, email or message me directly to my Facebook page, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Samantha Crane: 0773-855-5645

Email: eurekareiki@gmail.com

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