What is Reiki

Reiki is one of the oldest and most eff​ective forms of spiritual healing, originating from Japan in the 1800’s.
This practice involved the laying of hands (non-intrusively) on or slightly above the body so that energy can flow through the practitioner and to another person.
It is this flow of energy that facilitates the body’s incredible ability to heal itself.

How Reiki Can Help you

Using Reiki to bring back into balance the body’s natural energy centres, more commonly known as the Chakras can assist in relieving or reducing the symptoms of many common ailments.

Reiki is also widely recognised as a complimentary therapy for it’s benefits in managing mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.
Recovery from surgery or injury can be supported by receiving Reiki.
Some other conditions can be relieved by the use of Reiki which include-
Fatigue and low energy levels
Back Pain
and many more..

Please contact me to discuss how Reiki can help you.